Gaming Websites to Check out!

A couple of people in this class play a social game called moviestarplanet, accessible at It is free and you can buy stuff for your avatar and chat. Not to mention play games, make movies, buy pets, and design clothes! Add us at

Arielle: Fluffyfur123

Alden: awesomeboy3757


Natalie: 1221 love

Avery: Puppylove#23

Talia: depot4

Here are some free accounts to get started(note that all of them are girl accounts i will make a boy one later)



Queen Icesparkle-Pass:icicle2


Comment if you do make an account. Then we’ll know who’s adding us.

Comes with free gifts at beginning. See ya on MSP someday!

There’s also a website called Animal Jam by National Geographic Kids. You can choose your own animal and purchase clothing using gems and diamonds. Not to mention the scientific stations and facts included!

Friend us at:


Talia: depot4 (PRENIUM MEMBER)


Alex: Has account but unknown

Gaby: Has account but unknown

Cody: Has account but unknown


Ken: Has account but unknown

Alden: Bamboolover3757

Be sure to check out my awesome den game; Sky High! Arcade and claw arcade provided at depot4’s den. Buffet included. Oh and, please tell if you do have an account. See you on AJ someday!


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