Roller coaster Rampage!

Hey guys! I recently made a best fri no named Shannon, who loves SeaWorld, Dolphins, and you just CANT forget roller coasters 😨 Yesterday, she dragged me on the terrifying AND dreaded MANTA!!!😫😫 DEWURHWNDJRHBCHURBCHUDBCH! As you might say, what’s so bad? Weeeel. Where to begin? It goes UPSIDE DOWN 😱 Okay that’s a little freaky. No, a lot freaky for me! So we started out in the tunnel and Shannon agreed to pinch me when we went zooming out, but she pinched me at the wrong time and my picture was horrible. 😏 Take that, Shannon. Then eΒ  were zooming down and up in the upside down part, and Shannon was screaming at me to look. Β Yaaaaaah. Okay so I kinda liked it πŸ˜… How about you?





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