Answer Key to ‘Summer Questions’


WHY? Do it this way: 1+100=101, and there are 50 of these groups. Multiply 101 by 50 and you get 5050

2)The pet store donated 21 dog bones to the community shelter. A dog came along and started eating bones, eating one bone per two minutes each. Just as the first dog finished his second bone, another dog came along and started eating the bones at the same rate. Then another dog came along and started eating bones at the same rate. How long did the dogs take to finish their part of the meal?


1st Dog: O O

2nd Dog:  O O

3rd Dog:       O O


1st Dog: O O O

2nd Dog: O O O

3rd Dog: O O O

We can infer that going through 1 bone ahead of each other until 21 bones are finished, each dog would take 7 bones, which would require 14 minutes for each dog, thus requiring 42 minutes to finish.



Roller coaster Rampage!

Hey guys! I recently made a best fri no named Shannon, who loves SeaWorld, Dolphins, and you just CANT forget roller coasters 😨 Yesterday, she dragged me on the terrifying AND dreaded MANTA!!!😫😫 DEWURHWNDJRHBCHURBCHUDBCH! As you might say, what’s so bad? Weeeel. Where to begin? It goes UPSIDE DOWN 😱 Okay that’s a little freaky. No, a lot freaky for me! So we started out in the tunnel and Shannon agreed to pinch me when we went zooming out, but she pinched me at the wrong time and my picture was horrible. 😏 Take that, Shannon. Then e  were zooming down and up in the upside down part, and Shannon was screaming at me to look.  Yaaaaaah. Okay so I kinda liked it 😅 How about you?




I’m Back!

Hi guys! I started using a new website at

Anyways, i have decided to work on this website too, because it has a bunch of cool stuff that Weebly doesn’t have, like a search box!!!

Yayyy!!! Rena is back on WordPress!

KIT for details!!!